Exploit Kit Landscape Map

Updated: 20 February 2018

This is the second iteration of the new version of my Exploit Kit Landscape Map. It was created using CherryTree.  Note: recent versions of Kali Linux already have CherryTree preinstalled.

There are several reasons why I chose CherryTree. Among them is its multidimensional format (using nodes and sub-nodes) and also that it allows a lot of data (text, images, links, etc) to be saved within each node. I’ve added notes and references on several pages but, with time, I hope to fill in more data for each campaign, Exploit Kit and malware. Hopefully, this will make it a useful general reference on Exploit Kits.

You can download the latest full CherryTree file of the Exploit Kit Landscape Map here.

As with the previous format, nodes that are colored in green indicate activity within roughly the past 30 days.